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Happy 100th birthday, UK?

Tomorrow, 6 December, is the 100th birthday of the state now called Ireland 🇮🇪. Is its neighbour, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 🇬🇧, also 100 years old tomorrow? For both, a century of unbroken democracy is something to celebrate. It took 15 years for Ireland to adopt its current name, and 5 years for the UKofGB&NI….

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Ireland’s Construction Contracts Act: 5 suggestions

Paper presented to Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Irish Branch Construction Contracts Act Conference 13 July 2022 It’s hardly surprising that Ireland’s Construction Contracts Act 2013 differs from some similar legislation elsewhere. I like some of its particular features, such as— Adjudication is a free-standing statutory process. This is more clear, straightforward, and honest than writing adjudication into contracts as a…

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Master of the Rolls

Yesterday, England and Wales welcomed its (at least) 98th Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos. As long ago as 2018 he extolled ‘telepresence’ videoconferencing, and argued for judges and lawyers to be trained in tech. The office goes back to 1286 or earlier — which doesn’t seem much longer ago than 2018. It was already old when Thomas Cromwell…